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Approximately 5:40 pm, sliding down slides


It’s 8:05, I documented my walk.

Photos take a long time to upload, plus I had all this video on my camera from last weekend when we filmed for my music video project. Some photos from my walk.

Took a walk with Janey. First I stood in a pile of leaves.


Then we went to this public playground with these super cool slides, but apparently we came too late, after 5 pm, and these barricades were up. I still totally went down the slide, but I had to slide down in sections.


Then I left a note in a discarded silverware box in front of this spooky old house. I thought it looked like a haunted house. My friend Alexis says, “You always say a house looks haunted if the paint is peeling.” Well, yeah, that’s one dead giveaway that the house is haunted. You don’t want to disturb the spirits more by renovating. For real.

DSC00472DSC00476 DSC00474DSC00475

This is Alexandra and I just woke up and it’s 12:27 pm.

It’s 12:27 pm. I just woke up. I didn’t watch the movie like I said I would, I watched Tears For Fears live at Rockpalast in 1983 and passed out. It was good. I was supposed to go look at a room for rent


Cat (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

this morning, but I turned off the alarm in my sleep.

It’s 12:35. I woke up because one of my housemates has a penchant for playing loud music early in the morning. In San Francisco, I think, the hours of morning extend to 3 in the afternoon. I just yawned. My cat is sitting on the windowsill looking around at the noises she hears. Oh my god, this music playing in the room next door is really high pitch and sounds like someone is getting their teeth drilled in. I really hate that noise. Also, the noise of that scraper thing when you go to the dentist.

It’s 12:43 pm. My cat just scratched the rug, doing her morning stretches. My cat sleeps through the night with me, either next to my pillow or at my feet, sometimes under the covers. She just woke up, too. Now she is staring at the door because she wants me to come to the kitchen with her. Okay, Sookie, let’s go. Breakfast time. Juice for me, kibble for you.

I just cut the last few paragraphs from my old post and created a new post for the new day. Looks like people are making a new post for every hour. I dunno. I guess we shall see how I do this. I just added a photo of a black cat to this post. It is 12:50 pm. My cat is cuter than the photo of the cat I just added, but I don’t have a photo handy to add. Wait. Let me see if I can fix that.

I just picked her up to hold her for a moment. She is the best fucking cat in the world. I gave her a little kiss on her forehead and then she licked my nose.  Going to the kitchen now.

It’s 1:05 pm. Just joked with Janey Smith about cooking Linguini Spurlenghetti for dinner.

It’s 1:54 pm. Sookie has had breakfast. I ate a cold eggroll and drank orange juice. I’m back in my room and smoking. My cat is stretching. I make a kissy noise at her and she perks her head up, turns around to look at me and purrs. I pat the bench where I’m sitting and tell her to come up. The window is open and there is a man passing outside and singing. Two other men follow a few paces behind, talking about web interface or something.