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It’s 10:31 pm. Uploading more photos from earlier (4:57 pm, 5:12 pm, 5:40 pm)

At 4:58 pm I picked up a newspaper, ripped a page out, and jotted down notes of the things I was seeing on my walk. A guy driving a dry cleaning delivery truck smoking a cigarette. In the Castro, a naked dude, which isn’t an uncommon occurrence, and two sorority-looking girls walking behind him and snapping a photo of his behind with their iphone, which I thought was rude. And later, at the slides, this dude was there with his kids (I guess) and we were talking about public funds being used for parks and schools instead of putting people in prison for victimless crimes. Then, the first example he cited, was some guy getting 8 years for downloading a kiddie porn picture and distributing it. I looked at him like, really? That’s the example you cite of a victimless crime? And your kids are right there? That was hella uncomfortable.




Drag version of The Craft showing at the Castro Theatre.



More photos from my walk. The “Lost Lovebird” sign made me sad. I had a hamburger and I thought the onion and tomato slices would make cute earrings.


It’s 10:45 pm. My back hurts from sitting at this computer for several hours now. I need some back support. I need a back massage. I need a vacation.