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It’s 9:27 pm. Ugh.

Now it’s 9:28. I’m listening to Belle & Sebastian, but it’s a playlist and it’s begun to repeat so I’m going to change it. I have an idea for some poems and a story and I really want to get it down. I have a google doc open. I’m writing this stuff down.

Now it’s 9:52 pm. I am listening to this same damn Smashing Pumpkins concert in Dublin and feeling kind of sad. I like listening to sad music. I don’t think being sad is bad, but perhaps dwelling in it to the point where it stops you from doing the things you like for an extended period of time is bad. I dunno, though. I just like listening to melancholy music. Black bile is my friend.

It’s 9:56 pm. I’m chatting with a few different people talking about plans for tomorrow. I have my alarm set for 10 am. It’s going to be rough. Hopefully my coordinations will work out. I like planning big things like this, even though this isn’t even big whatever, but I worry about the details. Not the fine details, I guess, but I dunno. I like to worry.

It’s 10:02 pm. “Blank Page” man, I could listen to this song like 400 times in a row while stuck on an elevator and not be sick of it. In fact, it would probably be the thing keeping me sane. Wish it was 1998.


Hi I’m Alexandra and I’m liveblogging.

It’s 12:05. Started writing this at midnight. I am smoking and watching Smashing Pumpkins live in Dublin, Ireland 1998-05-31 on youtube. It’s a partial clip of the concert. It features a really wonderful rendition of “Blank Page,” one of my fave songs off the Adore album.

My cat is looking at me like, “wut.”

I’m writing this in a notebook (or I was at the time, now it’s 12:08 am and I’m re-writing this into the blog thing, why I didn’t just type this all out in the first place seeing as I’m sitting in front of a computer I don’t know) with a Mickey Mouse pen that I got from Japan Town which looks like a minstrel character. I always kinda thought Mickey Mouse looks like a minstrel character anyway and I couldn’t believe Daiso was selling these so I bought like four. They were on clearance. No wonder.

My nose is running. It is 12:11 am now. I am petting my cat, she is rubbing her head against me. “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” is on right now.

Okay, I’m going to try to log into WordPress now and type this out. It’s 12:02 am.  I don’t remember my password. I’m resetting it now. Fuck. Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage.

It’s 12:22 am. I’m smoking. The concert is over. I’m looking for something else to listen to. Earlier in the afternoon I amused myself with Lonely Island videos, “Stork Patrol” and all that.

I’m home alone and it’s really quiet. I’m drinking a bottle of Perrier that’s been sitting on the mantle piece for several days. Is mantel piece one word or two words, I’m wondering right now as I type this. Mantlepiece? Okay, it’s one word. Cool.

It’s 12:30 am. Listening to “Space Oddity” cover by Smashing Pumpkins. Fucking Billy Corgan. What beautiful music you make. Was chatting days ago with my friend Russell online about Billy Corgan’s guitars when they’re really sweepy and jammy like this remind me of  Doug Marscht of Built to Spill’s guitars. I don’t think I spelled his last name right. It’s the way the guitars just wash over me. I dunno. I feel like they’re similar in a way.

I think I’m going to get off the computer in a minute and watch John Dies At The End again. I watched it last night and I really liked it. Some of the ideas brought up about time and planes of existence reminded me of what I’m reading in The Seth Materials and I really like that. I learned tonight that there is a book version of John Dies At The End, and also a sequel in book form. I think I’m going to check those out for sure.

Just updated this post and refreshed my page with the whole blog on it and scrolled up and up and up and down checking out the posts and I like how this is coming together. Feel like I’m posting a lot already but I’m also on the west coast so whatever. It’s 12:38 am. I’m sitting on my foot. I think I’m going to get some ice cream, hold up.

It’s 12:44. I have ice cream, chocolate and vanilla. I am typing with one hand. I just took a picture of myself holding a bowl of ice cream up to my head.

Three Twins Ice Cream

Three Twins Ice Cream

This ice cream is hella good. I just turned the heat on.

It’s 12:50 am. I just finished eating the ice cream. My teeth feel weird, like cold dice or something. I’m going to find another Smashing Pumpkins video to watch. It is cold in this bedroom suddenly, I guess the ice cream is kicking in.

Just posted this to twitter: “Hi I’m Alexandra and I’m liveblogging. http://wp.me/p3o7xx-1a 24hour group liveblog << what I’m doing right now”

I found a video of Smashing Pumpkins performing “Cherub Rock” in 2012. It’s not bad. I would see them if they came here and I had money. I feel sad. It’s 12:57 am. I’m smoking. Now I’m watching Smashing Pumpkins at Hollywood Rock from the Mellon Collie era. This is starting to sound obsessive, I’m sure, and it is. I do this almost every night, usually while carrying on other tasks. I listened to so many Smashing Pumpkins concerts while writing my Billy Corgan poems. Okay, going to turn my monitor toward my bed and watch this concert and smoke. Probably watch John Dies At The End after this and go to sleep.