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It’s 9:27 pm. Ugh.

Now it’s 9:28. I’m listening to Belle & Sebastian, but it’s a playlist and it’s begun to repeat so I’m going to change it. I have an idea for some poems and a story and I really want to get it down. I have a google doc open. I’m writing this stuff down.

Now it’s 9:52 pm. I am listening to this same damn Smashing Pumpkins concert in Dublin and feeling kind of sad. I like listening to sad music. I don’t think being sad is bad, but perhaps dwelling in it to the point where it stops you from doing the things you like for an extended period of time is bad. I dunno, though. I just like listening to melancholy music. Black bile is my friend.

It’s 9:56 pm. I’m chatting with a few different people talking about plans for tomorrow. I have my alarm set for 10 am. It’s going to be rough. Hopefully my coordinations will work out. I like planning big things like this, even though this isn’t even big whatever, but I worry about the details. Not the fine details, I guess, but I dunno. I like to worry.

It’s 10:02 pm. “Blank Page” man, I could listen to this song like 400 times in a row while stuck on an elevator and not be sick of it. In fact, it would probably be the thing keeping me sane. Wish it was 1998.