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gnite :*

9:44pm i couldn’t write for a long time because bad things kept happening.

i did end up getting very drunk, and i made it home after a few hours of walking around.  my roommate had bought us and her girlfriend tickets to a music festival on governor’s island.  i ended up passing out, and lindsay also slept too late, and we were worried we’d miss the last ferries to the island.


hi heiko button

it wouldn’t end up mattering if we missed the ferry because simply getting to the port ended up being nearly impossible.  between the construction, rerouted trains, and our own frustration, we managed to spend nearly 3 hours going nowhere.  We ended up taking a cab home and missed the festival.


crown heights, yup.

Right now, I’m making up for it by getting stoned and looking at the giant moon outside my window.  I’m seeing what people have written today, and it’s kind of interesting.



I haven’t rly been writing because i’m too busy texting my friends and smiling when ppl like the live blog 🙂

my roommate i think is making out rn.  that’s awesome.  i wish i was making out rn.

ive been thinking a lot lately about what i’d like in a relationship.  i think the main thing i’m looking for is for it to rarely be a drag.  i never want a relationship to be a drag. i know that’s unrealistic, but speaking in general terms a non-drag relationship would be ideal.

I just heard my roommate’s girlfriend say, “I love the way you look at me,”.

I’m smiling because that’s very sweet.


me wishing i was cool like diane marie D:


After a quick nap, I decided to sit outside and stare at the gigantic glowing moon. it’s blinding.

While I was napping I dreamed that some police officers caught me smoking weed and doing graffiti.  They said they would let me go if I gave one of them head. I said ok but I have to go to the bathroom first. This is where I decide to secretly turn my phone on to record everything so that they can go to jail later. But I think I still do it.

Fucking ridiculous.

Im sitting on my stoop alone tonight, and i’m glad for it. My mind needs a bit of quietting. Im smoking out of my one hitter and trying to figure out what’s bothering me.  It’s probably just one of those days where things seem a little off, I move a little slower, and I might prefer to be here instead of jammed on a subway car or paying $10 for a drink only to eventually tire of having to smile for extended periods of time.  Not because i’m sad, rly; I don’t think ppl realize some girls-women don’t smile all the time. U kno we don’t have to, rite?


My phone is dying but its perfect because

1. Its 11:12pm

2. I know what’s bothering me.

I realized 2 things about myself that I still do and I still don’t like.

Thing I do that I don’t like #1

I feel bad about feeling things, and feeling them intensely.

That’s stupid. I shouldn’t feel bad.  Feeling is normal.

Thing I do that I don’t like #2

I might be an extrovert who rly doesn’t want to be one.

I always have thought of myself as someone who liked being alone-and I do. But lately I have been realizing how much I need good people around me.  I’ve made many new friends over the past few weeks, and I am so much happier for it.  but quiet is also nice.  like tonight.  have you seen the moon?

Daydreaming while staring at the moon, playing songs that make me feel sexy but idky.  it’s something to do late at night on a saturday alone in your bed in skivvies enjoying the breeze sneaking thru the window.


thais midday update


Im trying to take a nap even though I woke up only a few hours ago.  I recognize that this is not a good sign.

Im lying in my bed, on my side facing a fabric on my wall. It looks like this:

I cant sleep rly because I keep daydreaming that youre lying next to me and your hand is resting on my hip. Its getting me v hot and bothered. Im thinking you would be great at morning sex and I like imagining what your sleepy eye crust looks like when you wake up.


Actually if im ever tweeting ‘morning sex’, it’s because im thinking about having it with you.


Have been forgetting to eat lately until my hunger becomes unbearable.  I recognize this is not a good sign. I think ill go to the v brooklyn bagel shop and eat in the sun on my stoop. Watching my neighbors walk around is a free fun.


I walked to get a bagel but the guy who wanted to pass out with me was sitting in front of the store, as he works next door. As, what I deemed to be, our awkward exchange was only a few hours ago I turned the corner before he *hopefully* saw me.

As I walked up wythe there were a lot of ppl riding the new citibank bikes. Instead of complaining about how the bikes are hideously branded to remind me that citibank will own me for the remainder of my life in the form of student loans, ill say that its nice ppl can ride bikes in the sun on a Saturday afternoon.

I walked into the lovin cup which is now just cameo. I didnt want to spend a lot of money but it quickly became evident that i would have to do so.  I opted for a brunch special for $20 where I will be served 3 alcoholic drinks in addition to some brunch foods and coffee.  Strange.


There’s no doubt ill be drunk v shortly.  This is not exactly what I intended. Feeling kinda bad but who cares isnt day drinking supposed to be a Fun Thing ppl do?

Im reading Taipei and feel like im just trying to immitate tao lin’s style.  Bummer. Thought I was more renegade than that.


Significantly more drunk. Wut is it with bartenders trying to get me drunk?

My friend disappeared from the Internet today and im worried.  Theres a lot to say and think about that but idc rly.

So day drunk I have to use my stylus. Yea, “my stylus”.

When i was a kid I saw an episode of pete and pete where a girl tugs on her ear constantly.  I tug on my ear constantly.  Its cus of that episode. Maybe youve seen it.


My horoscope says someone owes me an apology. Is it you? Idk who it is.


Id like to

thais benoit’s first live blog update


12:36 am

Im sitting on my porch with my two male friends who have girlfriends and im texting my friend    who may or may not be gay.



Its funny how some ppl seem normal and then end up being v weird. I was asked if I could be passed out with. I dont want to pass out with anyone.

Im sitting here thinking about too many things with a v foggy head. Sometimes simple things can change into v complicated things and sometimes that’s ok. Sometimes there are roaches in my apartment and I just have to live with it, u know?



Woke up to more strange messages than usual. Concerned that I can be quick to think I understand a situation when I rly dont. Ppl and situations are much more complex than id usually like to imagine. I wonder why some ppl hold on to an idea a relationship or a thing much longer than they should.  It must be fear. Change is difficult.



i had to get up to get a glass of water, but all of my glasses are dirty from drinking alcohol.  i’m drinking water out of a zebra print coffee mug.  there is no ice in it, as ice might be jarring rn.

sitting in my living room in a pair of underwear that i wouldn’t want a boyfriend to see.

thinking about the different degrees of friendship.  like, there are friends that i have that never see certain parts of my life or my personality.  it’s like a special access v.i.p. event, and only if you meet certain criteria will i allow you to see past the curtain and into the world of oz.

i hope that everybody has people they can do that with.  it’s impossible to live our lives without folks who understand us in the most true sense.

i kind of feel like this v ominous and foreboding feeling like something bad is going to happen.  there are too many plates spinning on this ship, and i really think the captain is drunk.