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More Brad

Today I spent nearly twelve hours writing a book with a friend of mine. I am excited and it is excellent. It is a high point of creative inspiration for me. I am glad I got out of the house, went and did this, and forced myself to write and create again. It feels like this whole thing is a great excerise. I might keep blogging/journaling/liveblogging my days in the future. For now, I’m going to do some rough edits before passing out. I hope everyone else had a great and interesting day to talk about! I know mine certainly didn’t really involve anything worth sharing except for my material and well, shhhh, that’s secret.


gnight all. this was a good excercise. let’s do it again sometime soon.


Brad, entry 3

I’m at my friend blake’s house. his girlfriend is making cupcakes, and they are delicious. Sunshine everywhere I go today, careening crazily around the city. I felt like I wasnt even looking at the road. I took so many wrong turns I just ended up inventing a new route to my destination. It was nice. I just wanted to stare at the clouds. 

Blake and I watch a little bit of a movie when I arrive. He’s just finishing up. I’m a little surprised when he gets up and puts in a new dvd.

“internet’s shot,” he says, flopping back down next to me on the couch. He hands me some kind of sweet orange sparkling drink with crushed ice. it’s delicious, like drinking sugary crystals through the filter of a snowstorm.

“Weren’t we gonna do some writing?” I ask.

“Yeah,” he says. “Got any ideas?”

I have none, really. I sit back and watch the opening scene of forgetting sarah marshall. I like jason segal but these movies are —

Blake rolls over and starts to talk shop about our project for today. For privacy’s sake, I’ll leave out the details.

Brad., Liveblog. pt.2. Read.

Woke at 11. 11! Disgusted withmyself. I took enough medication for somewhone wheighted 300 lbs and I still only barely scraped 8 hours out of it. Kid’s, don’t do MDPV.

Another horrible nightmare last night. Is anyone else getting these? This is my fourth in a row and my 12th or 13th in the past two and a half weeks. It seems to be spreading, like a plague of dreams. Everywhere I go people are talking about it. Something that has us all on edge. Something in our heads…

Hah! Weird! Who would think the summer solstice would have people acting funny, thinking about dark gods and nightmare curses. Oh well. I’m going to shower, then off to viisit a a friend for lunch and discuss a new writing project he says he wants to show me.

24 hour live blog starting now

1st hour of the day. Can’t sleep because I found a tiny tiny tiny clump of stimulant clinging to the bottom of an envelope I was throwing out and idly sniffed it. Contemplating trying to get really high and nod off but I already smoke far too much. Turning on that bbc Sherlock with the weird-faced actor, that Benedict Cumberbatch guy who looks like an alien. So far it all seems to be about people doing mundane things like forgetting umbrellas or having phone calls and then killing themselves with these massive cool-looking pills. Kind of want those pills? Like, to display? They look really neat. So, weird suicides. Interesting mystery. Really makes me wish I read the original novels. They’re based on them, right? This one’s A Study In Scarlet.

Very high quality production. This actually looks very nice. Very clean. I like that modern Sherlock is apparently very cyberpunk. rn he’s hacking cell phones on mass for giggles. Very Sherlockian.

Ahahaha Watson is BILBO BAGGINS how did I not notice that, that is so weird, because Sherlock is on star trek now, the actor, and Leonard Nimoy did the ballad of bilbo baggins, how strange.

Dear god Sherlock is whipping a corpse with a crop jesus fuck the actors on this show are so WEIRD LOOKING AHHHHHHH

okay. I’m gonna undress and smoke and pass out watching modern british detective reinventions. this show is really good actually.