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Lee Costello


00:40 – Just added Bright eyes’ I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning to iTunes, and am currently listening to Lua in the dark on my bed (on top of the duvet). Feel like this is a hilarious way to kick off this liveblog. Just made myself a cup of green tea after phone call with gf. Stomach is very active after eating waffles and clever cookies ice cream at approximately 11:30. Not sure when I’ll sleep.

00:56 – Talking about/’hyping’ this to a few people via fb chat has only confounded my feeling of it being totally fine for me to do it on my own. Also wondering how ‘Hype’ became a thing. Like a meme but IRL… is that still just a meme? this green tea I’m drinking is as good as any and it only cost me 75p from tesco.

01:01 – Deen James Nault, a kid I’ve been speaking to lately via facebook, about writing, frxtl, blogging etc, just offered to write about video games for FRXTL, which I’m pretty pleased about. If you don’t know about this kid ill link something (here) later on at some point to a piece of writing of his I really liked.

01:10 – At the Bottom of Everything is amazing and I love it because i’m still the same person I was when I was 18, apparently ūüôā

01:14-17 – Just clicked link to steve’s rare outdoor spreecast. hah. computer about to die apparently. haha, looks like i missed everything. steves number is¬†989 975 3592, if you’re in the US maybe you should text him about his new book. I think that’s what he wants.

01:18 – googling how to text US numbers from my computer. Can hear a puppy yelping in the kitchen. Really hope I get a full night sleep tonight.

alt text? truly!

failed vtext to steve roggenbuck

01:23 – Did that^^^. Will probably sleep soon. Have a 7.5 hr shift tomorrow night which I’m really not looking forward to. Will update this in my phone ‘notes’ app and fill the rest of this in once I’m done with that, maybe update a little tomorrow before I leave for work.

02:12 – Still haven’t slept. talked to people about this on fb for an hour almost, then found this game¬† going play that a little then sleep.

04:?? – (updating at 13:10) Puppy barking in the kitchen-awake for around 10 minutes. Puppy stopped barking. Felt surprised that I’d been asleep already.

07:?? – (13:11) Woke up again due to puppy barking, this time for around 20 minutes. Went back to sleep once he stopped. Knew at this point that an early morning wasn’t happening.

11:30 – Woke up proper. lay in bed for around 40 mins snoozing.

12:15 – Put on some shorts, a t shirt, tried to remember the bass parts for a Queens of the Stone Age song I knew when I was 17, remembered a part (maybe guitar part) for CKY song, 96 quite bitter beings, felt about 300 yrs old.

12:50 – went into the kitchen to make toast, which I then ate with peanut butter and a drizzle of honey. flatmate was in the garden with puppy for around 10 mins but upon bringing puppy back indoors it instantly pee’d on the kitchen floor. And again about 3 minutes later.

13:00 (ish) Decided to update this as I’ll be out of the house/at work a lot today. About to get showered, dressed, and leave to get a hair cut. Might post before and after pics of that. After haircut I’m gonna gym, then go straight to work, where I’ll be until 12:30am and the liveblog will be over. Damn. Today is really getting away from me. Can’t help feeling like that last line feels like a song lyric or a clich√© of some kind.

[15:44 – 23/06/13 – Would like to note at this point that all posts from here onwards are being altered and edited over the two days following the initial liveblog, which i had to do via my phones ‘notes’ app because of work. Please forgive any/all tense issues that occur following this post]

13:21 – Still hadn’t left. made a green tea w. lemon. Every day is like this.

13:30 Before pic:


13:53 – Just sarcastically thought, I’m pretty much a Kardashian now. A saddening thought to have on too many levels. I’m going out into the sun.

14:05 Рcrossed the bridge into town, this is the view: 

Tyne Bridge

14:10 – Passed a wedding and shot video of church bells, nice old car, and wedding guests. Noticed my phone battery getting really low at this point.

church bells

14:15 – Got cash from ATM and went for haircut. Not the girl who usually does my hair at that place so kind of ¬†had to describe how i wanted it (“just sort of tidied up at the sides… with scissors… please”). End result:


14:40 – Left barber shop and walked towards gym but turned around and decided to see how busy it was at work. Work is a bar just around the corner from the barber shop. It was very busy. Spoke to gf for a few minutes while she had her break, decided to leave for gym.

14:50 – Began to feel uncomfortable amount of hair down my neck/back as it walked to the gym. So sunny out.

15:00 – Arrived to find a very empty gym. Bought a raspberry Lucozade sport. Ate a biscuit bar thing I found in my bag from 2 days earlier.

15:20 – Weird, talkative guy giving people really bad advice on how to use lat pull-down machine. impressed by how other guy managed to keep a straight face while advice guy repeated the line, ‘Aye, it’s knackered that one, like’ around 4 or 5 times¬†in a really strong Geordie accent, while nodding towards a second lat pull-down machine.¬†Got weird pains through the nerves of my left arm while arm curling.¬†Did other gym things. iPod, on shuffle, played Flaming Lips track Are You a Hypnotist? and upon mistaking the line ‘the sun eclipse behind the cloud’ for ‘the sun eclipses all of me out’ (or something to the same effect) I felt inspired to write something… maybe just that line, now I think about it.

16:00 – Decided not to do any cardio today because I forgot a change of shirt. Changed back into work pants and left.

16:05 – Stood at Grey’s Monument and pretended to text as I thought about where/what to eat.

16:10 – ‘Bit the bullet’ and decided to get a ¬£3.20 meal deal from Boots. Got a 3 Bean Salad, an Eat Natural nuts/granola/yoghurt thing, and an apple & kiwi smoothie.

16:15 – Sat on a shopping mall bench where this family all took turns to photograph each other outside of Argos:

argos family portrait

I didn’t/couldn’t get it.

16:30 – Decided to face up to the reality of another shift at work and walked slowly back down towards that part of town.

16:40 – Arrived at work. Changed into uniform. Nothing to do at work other than work so I got on the bar early and began serving people. Spilled the head of the first drinkI poured onto the bar. Thought, ‘it doesn’t count because I’m not getting paid yet.’ Cleaned up beer. Tom left 20 mins early because I made up an extra body on the bar. Duty manager spoke to tom sternly for leaving early without permission.

16:45 – Tom left work.

17:00 РFrom this point onwards I got paid £6:18 per hour.

17:15 – Standing at the bar talking to gf and co-worker we see a man in sandals and football shirt pick a scab on the side of his leg and either eat it or lick the blood from his finger. Gf physically wretched in reaction.

17:30 – Drank tea in a virtually empty pub. Hoped the shift would liven up.

1745 – opened can of relentless, drank half.

17:50 – Large group arrived. Roughly 10 food orders went through to the kitchen in the space of about 3 minutes. Went to kitchen. Chef was flipping his shit about checks coming through in quick succession. Chef is listening to mid-late ’90’s rave music that I’m pretty sure only ever existed in and around Newcastle/North East England. Music:

Work Kitchen Music

18:00 – Checked Facebook. People were getting involved in liveblog. Felt good that people were interested in taking part in a collective thing like this. Noticed manager/other members of staff watching me at my phone. Felt self conscious and like I should be working.

19:00 – DJ arrived, set up and started playing cheesy ‘hits’ from 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

19:20 – DJ asks us if we have any requests/tells us to take them to him if we do. I know that I already want to hear ‘A Little Respect’ by Eurasia but feel like he will probably play it anyway. Bar starts filling up predominantly with ‘middle-aged’ people, mostly dads (see pic). Drank more tea.

dancing dads going hard to Dexy's Midnight Runners

‘Dadfest ’86’

19:30 – Ask gf and co-worker what their requests will be for DJ. Co-worker says Pink by Aerosmith, gf says A Little Respect. Have one of those ‘omg, me too’ moments with gf.

20:00 (approx) – Feel good that the DJ’s volume is lower than the usual, probably illegal, volume of the bands that play this place. Nice to be able to have a conversation on shift. Being watched checking phone again.

20:15 – People on Facebook asking to join liveblog. Unable to send invites from WordPress because work.

20:30 – Break time. went to ATM to get money I owed gf. Remembered Chris Dankland’s 2 Fast 2 Furious project and thought of a couple of ways i could work this project into that one, like, by ‘liveblogging’ a day in the life of Paul Walker or something via this site and submitting that piece to the 2F2F project. Rushed back to work and ordered Veggie burger from staff menu instead of buying from supermarket in train Central Station.

20:40 – Took my break on the stairs next to rear fire exit & kitchen due to there being no staff dining area. Thought about ‘eclipsed by the sun’ misheard lyric earlier, thought of ways to incorporate that into something. Thought about a line I heard in a DMT documentary I watched on Netflix last week and the end of that Dave Eggers story about the dog, both lines say something about God being the sun, an idea that is nothing new but seems to be coming up a lot more recently in art and pop culture… Feel good about this. Go back to work.

21-22:00 – Pretty solid hour of serving food and drinks. In this time I cleared up a couple of broken pint glasses (one spilled, one broken & spilled, both full), broke a glass behind the bar and cleared that up, cleared around 10 tables of food and drinks, drank some tea, ate a malteser crunch bar thing (unsure of name) that gf bought me. Finished can of relentless.

23:00 – Gf finished her 12 hr shift, got a drink, and waited for me to finish. Somewhere around this point in the night the music took a decidedly ‘cheesy’ turn, even more so than earlier. Some songs/artists included were Abba (medley), Chesney Hawkes, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Rick Astley, Europe, Journey, Jackson 5, Wham, Culture Club, Dead or Alive, and Tina Turner. Dj played to around 5-7 people for the final hour of his set. Something about a DJ in an empty venue is genuinely saddening to me, but I’m not really sure what that is.

00:00 – Started closing down the bar. Restocked fridges, cleaned tables and put out food menus. Mopped floor and got changed.

00:30 – Thinking about how many people are actually doing this and how weird it is that I can’t see it unfolding like I’d be able to on a day/evening off work. Looking forward to checking the site when I get home. Sat for 10 mins at bar, drank a pint of Guinness, ate a banoffee pie, and left for home.